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Condominium Documents Request

  • a copy of the registered condominium plan
  • a copy of the current bylaws of the corporation
  • a copy of the most recent financial statements of the corporation, including the most recent year-end and month-end statements
  • a copy of the current budget of the corporation
  • a statement setting out the amount of the monthly contribution(condominium fee) and the basis on which that amount was determined
  • a copy of the most recent available minutes of the Annual General Meeting
  • a copy of the minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors of the corporation for the last 12 months.
  • a copy of thecurrent insurance certificate
  • a copy of any lease agreement or exclusive use agreement with respect to the possession of a portion of the common property, including a parking stall or storage space
  • the particulars of, or a copy of, any subsisting management agreement
  • the particulars of, or a copy of, any subsisting recreational agreement
  • the amount of any homeowners association fee
  • a statement setting out structural deficiencies that the corporation has a knowldge of, at the time of the request, on any of the buildings that are included in the condominium plan
  • a statement setting out (i)the amount of the capital reserve fund, (ii)a copy of the most recent reserve fund report and (iii) a copy ofthe most recent reserve fund plan
  • the particulars of any post tensioned cables located anywhere on or within the Property
  • a statement setting out the amount of any contributions due or payable in respect of a unit
  • the particularas of any action commenced against the corporation and served on the corporation
  • the particulars of any unsatisfied judgement or order for which the corporation is liable
  • the particular of any written demand made on the corporation for an amount in excess of $5,000 that, if not met, may result in an action being brought against the corporation
  • Other:

(b)Estoppel Request

  • information statement
  • insurance certificate
  • estoppel certificate


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